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Located at the fringe of town, The Carrot Patch @ Henderson offers an affordable work space along with an vibrant environment to help foster start ups and entrepreneurs. Users will get access to our pantry stocked with snacks and bottomless cups of coffee and tea, along with access to our rooftop facilities.<br /><br />The Carrot Patch (TCP) is a network of vibrant coworking spaces, designed for a community who values flexibility. As a bridge where connections are made, The Carrot Patch transforms underutilized spaces into inspiring and fun spaces for members to mingle and work. With our extensive network of spaces and supporting startup ecosystem, The Carrot Patch is the hotbed of success because, we care about what is good for our members.<br /><br />P.S. A recurring motif throughout the business, the Carrot is versatile, nutritious and signifies vibrancy, hope and wisdom – important elements to making businesses work.